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We provide a full range of outsourcing services to assist clients when your needs arise. We will take on your staffing issues and problems so that you can concentrate on addressing important issues and running your business. Our goal will be to meet or exceed your expectations.

Temporary Basis

Outsourcing on a temporary basis may make sense when a professional level staff is needed to assist in projects requiring a higher level of knowledge than what a temporary agency can provide.

Long-term Basis

For companies requiring outsourcing on a long-term basis, we can offer our professional services based on a team concept whereby your important work is covered using the appropriate levels of professional staff.

Primary Outsourcing Services

We provide outsourcing services for accounting and tax functions. The primary services include:

  • Internal control assessment
    • For SOX and JSOX requirements
    • To improve on financial controls
  • Accounting outsourcing
    • Financial forecasts and budget assistance and preparation
    • Consolidation package assistance and preparation
    • Financial analysis
      • Comparative analysis
      • Report on unusual or large transactions
    • Cash flow analysis
    • Bookkeeping services
    • General ledger and financial statements
      • Preparation of journal entries
      • Perform analysis of general ledger accounts
      • General ledger closing process
      • Preparation of trial balances
      • Branch or divisional accounting
    • Revenue cycle processing (order entry through cash receipts)
    • Inventory control (inventory receipt through inventory management)
    • Asset depreciation database maintenance (accounting and tax purposes)
  • Assistance in setup of start-up companies (chart of accounts through training)

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